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this is the latest version of our TES Newsletter, keeping you updated on our various activities. At the moment we have two major activities that thrill us, and we hope that we can transfer our excitement to you. One is the release of the AVIATOR 2 platform. The updated 2DIN format professional multimedia platform is ready for presentation! The other activity is the kick-off of our consultancy company called TES Innovative Services. With TES Innovative Services we enrich our portfolio with onsite consultancy services. This ranges from single supporters for your project delivery up to full scale engineering resource management. We appreciate any of your feedback on the TES Newsletter!

Jürgen Zeller, CEO


AVIATOR 2 Multimedia Platform is Released

TES releases its new Android based multimedia platform called AVIATOR 2. With the 7” capacitive touch screen this reference design is ready to realize highly sophisticated HMI solutions. The connectivity reflects the automotive and industrial application areas. CAN bus is implemented just like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G connectivity. The integrated FM tuner and the 4*50W amplifier provide a unique multimedia experience. Camera and AUX input open up a wide range of embedded multimedia scenarios. For more information contact us under  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


TES Innovative Services Kicked-Off

TES completes its customer oriented service portfolio by founding TES Innovative Services. With this subsidiary we offer high end consultancy services for our customer. TES IS focuses on embedded automotive software to deliver a high level service to our customers. The portfolio ranges from single source solutions up to complete engineering service solutions. TES IS takes over the entire management of external resources for its customers to streamline engineering resource management. Find more on the TES Innovative Services website!


The Inner Fish and its Influence on HMI solutions

Dr. Peter Rössger presented his view on HMI solutions, driven by an anthropological and ethnological background at the Bayern Innovativ meeting Zulieferer Innovativ. The event hosted at the BMW Welt at Munich saw an audience of more than 600 participants and a large scale exhibition contain large names in innovative newcomers. All of us humans carry the genetic heritage of millions of years of evolution in us. The development of the man brain allowed us to create an environment that does not fit our genetic settings anymore. We sit far too much, drive too fast, and experience a far too high information density. The human brain is simply not made to drive 200km/h and surf in the Internet at the same time! HMI solutions need to reflect this by taking the human abilities into account!


About TES Electronic Solutions

TES Electronic Solutions is a leading full-spectrum global Electronics Design Services Company with headquarters in Germany. TES operates 10 design centers worldwide, 7 of which are in Germany, one in the UK, Serbia, Serbia and India.

We provide Hardware, Embedded Software, Mixed-signal & RF ASIC and FPGA Design as well as Industrial Design services on system, sub-system or chip level to our broad global customer base that spans from highly specialized mid size companies to multibillion dollar revenue corporations. Our customers appreciate the large variety of reference platforms, ODM products and own IP that enables reduced TTM.

Our focus areas include Multi Media for professional applications, Wireless solutions up to 60 GHz and Power Electronics for power supplies, chargers and green energy. Furthermore, TES is a leading supplier of 2D & 3D rendering solutions as well as services & IP for embedded graphics applications.

In the area of Human Machine Interface, TES is a full service provider from concept and human factors design to implementation services of animated GUIs using our own licensable GUI framework and tools.


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