TES announces the availability of the D/AVE HD Graphics Processor for Embedded Systems

Stuttgart, February 22, 2012: TES Electronic Solutions (“TES“) announces the availability of its new graphics processor, D/AVE HD. This processor is the third generation of rendering hardware IP-cores for embedded systems from TES. The D/AVE IP-cores are already well established in the embedded market and e.g. used in automotive dashboard controllers as well as in dedicated ASIC- and FPGA-solutions for mobile or industrial applications.

Targeting modern graphics applications on high resolution displays, D/AVE HD is designed to be fast with powerful functionality and at the same time optimized regarding size and footprint. At 400MHz with 8 parallel pixel pipelines, drawing of 3.2 GPixels/sec is possible. Intelligent data access pre-fetching technology makes the processor independent from memory latencies.
Like all other D/AVE cores, D/AVE HD renders sub-pixel accurately and uses the TES Direct-Edge-Antialiasing technology. Sophisticated 2D graphics functionality is complemented by the typically required set of 3D graphics functions.

The D/AVE HD architecture is extremely scalable allowing the optimal configuration of the processor for the target product. E.g. the number of texture units, the number of pixel pipelines and the internal cache and buffer sizes can be configured during the integration of the processor into the target system. Furthermore, different bus widths and bus systems are supported, e.g. AMBA (APB, AHB, AXI) and Altera Avalon. Finally the single clock architecture eases the integration process.
Besides the highly efficient TES D/AVE HD API also standard graphics APIs like OpenGL ES 1.1 are supported. Optionally – with appropriate configuration of the processor – also the vector graphics API OpenVG can be offered. Due to the built-in hardware multi-threading support, several programs can use the graphics processor simultaneously.

With D/AVE HD we provide our customers with a graphics processor for modern embedded systems applying high resolution displays. D/AVE HD is well balanced regarding functionality, performance and footprint. Its high scalability allows the optimal configuration of the processor in order to meet the requirements of the target system and application.” says Thomas Hase, Business Development Manager – Graphics & IP at TES.

Information material and support
The TES team provides support during the configuration and integration of the processor. Additionally, support for graphics application development can be offered on demand. For more information please contact graphics(at)tes-dst(dot)com.

TES D/AVE HD on Embedded World 2012

On Embedded World 2012, TES D/AVE HD is presented at the booth of ALTERA (Hall 4/4-334).

About TES Electronic Solutions

TES Electronic Solutions is a global electronic services company offering technology innovation and custom electronic design as well as a blend of hardware and software IP. Besides designing customer specific systems or sub-systems that are optimized to customers’ applications, TES also develops licensable wireless, graphics and multi media IP accelerating time to market.
From its design centers in Germany, UK, India and Serbia and with its broad expertise in HMI concepts, industrial design, hardware-, software- and ASIC-development TES provides innovative solutions in the areas of RF / wireless, professional multi media, embedded graphics and RF / mixed-signal ASICs.
TES serves a wide range of customers from well-known highly specialized middle-size companies to global market leaders.


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