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Our Video-Over-DECT technology platform not only proves that DECT is the ideal radio technology for video transmission in surveillance applications, but also is a close to product platform that we can customize to meet your needs. Our sales team is equipped with demo units to show on request.

The main benefits of DECT vs. other radio technologies for video transmission are:

  • Dedicated frequency band, therefore no interference issues
  • Large range, significantly better than with WLAN. Measurement results are available on request
  • Built-in high quality audio / voice
  • Very cost efficient

Technical parameters of the platform:

  • DECT Air Interface

- P64 slots used with 64kbits/s, alternatively 128 kb/s
- FEC: Reed – Solomon (optional)

  • Video Parameters

- H.264 Video Codec
- QCIF resolution (176 x 144 pixels )
- Frame rate >= 5 FPS
- Latency << 1s

Video Parameters are optimized per application and are a trade off between required video processing power, power consumption and unit cost.


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