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DECT - Audio

DECT is the perfect radio technology for audio streaming applications in high quality. We have reference modules available for demo.


  • A high-end wireless system for the robust transmission of multiple channels of HiFi Audio
  • Applications include multi-room wireless stereo CD quality for Internet Radio or streaming audio
  • GAP compliant DECT and DECT 6.0 (EU and North America) wireless system
  • Full HiFi Audio bandwidth 20Hz – 20 kHz with dynamic range greater than 90 dB
  • Low latency (audio in>out) less than 15 msec end to end delay
  • Support for up to 40 parallel active audio channels (based on EU DECT with 10 RF Channels)
  • Return audio channel for each user with full HiFi audio performance as above
  • Support for on air encryption using AES 128 bit algorithm (optional)
  • Long range operation – 60m indoor conditions, 400m+ Line of Sight (LOS), depending on final system configuration and antenna

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