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Over several years, TES has been investing significant effort in R&D, developing semiconductors and prototype systems for the 60 GHz ISM Band. Our customers benefit from an easy access to the developed IP and technology and our expertise in this area enables product development.

Consequently, using this advance, customers may be able to realize products or solutions with a competitive edge.

Why solutions in 60 GHz ?

The frequency bands 57-64 GHz, up to 66GHz in Europe are ISM bands and therefore open for license-free use. The following applications are a few examples of potential use cases:

  • Point to point links with > 1Gb/s throughput, e.g. for extension of GE networks
  • Back haul links for HSPA or LTE Radio Base Stations, license free, i.e. very cost efficient
  • Industrial / Medical sensor networks for the monitoring of vital signs, movement detection, etc., potentially replacing current costly 24 GHz systems
  • Femto cell data coverage with throughputs extending 1Gbit/s

TES’ recent semiconductor developments open a perspective towards low cost components in SiGe and CMOS Technologies.

The main benefit of using the 60 GHz ISM frequency band is obvious: license free use. The disadvantage is a very high attenuation of the air for radio waves in this frequency band. It is caused by the resonance of the oxygen molecules which results in high radio wave absorption. Depending on the application, this disadvantage may be partially compensated by the usage of directed high gain antennas which are physically very small. At the same time the high attenuation allows excellent frequency reuse and easy handling.

Why is TES an attractive 60 GHz design partner ?

TES has been continuously investing in 60 GHz technology for 7 years. TES has been participating in several European and German Research programs in this area. 60 GHz prototype silicon is available from

TES today, as well as several demonstrators with promising performance.
TES is an independent design service and technology provider, with application level expertise like e.g. 60 GHz communications and radar. Therefore TES is your reliable design partner for related 60 GHz system, sub-system and silicon design. The availability of prototype silicon as IP owned by TES enables customers to use TES’ advance to get to market faster and allows for feature differentiation.

TES is open for participation in all kind of 60 GHz pre-competitive, joined R&D public research projects.  

TES 60 GHz Technologies

Following Technologies have been developed and are under development by TES for 60 GHz applications:   

  • MAC 60 GHz Hardwired IP Core (VHDL), ECMA 387 standard protocol (available also as source code)

60 GHz MAC (VHDL) Building Block Stricture (with GBit IP Interface)

  • Point to Point MAC 60 GHz Hardwired IP Core (VHDL), based on ECMA 387 protocol
  • Baseband & simplified MAC for DBSK / OOK point to point communication

Implemented Baseband Building Blocks

  • TES designed SiGe ICs which may be used as Front End Building Blocks.

Phase noise of the free run 60 GHz SiGe VCO and VCO Layout

60 GHz SiGe Power Amplifier Efficiency and PA Layout

LNA & Buffer Amplifier Divider
Power Detector LNA + Power Detector

TES 60 GHz SiGe Test Chip Designs


  • TES has experience in designing mm-wave amplifiers with waveguide interface.


Variable Attenuator with PIN diodes.





  • Antenna development expertise:

a)    Low cost wideband printed antennas with planar feeding, pencil beam, with 2X2, 4X4, 8X8 and 16X16 elements, with linear polarization, up to measured 24dBi, covering 20-40% bandwidth (manufacturing tolerances may be relaxed)
b)    Low cost wideband printed antennas with planar feeding, with 180-270 degree in azimuth, and different elevation, with linear polarization, from 7dbi to 15dBi, covering 20-40% bandwidth (manufacturing tolerances may be relaxed)
c)    On-chip and on-package antenna design
d)    Antenna steering functionalities without or with phase shifting / switching methodologies
e)    Provision of arbitrary metal antennas, including slot area approaches, metalized plastics and similar

TES 60 GHz Demonstrators

In the scope of the technology evaluation TES designed several laboratory demonstrators. All of the demonstrators used pieces of the TES IPs and Solutions

1.    60 GHz point to point communication

60 GHz OOK RF Front End Demonstrator with separate Tx and Rx chain. Microscope Picture of the bonded TES designed chips, being integrated on Demo PCBs

2.    60 GHz UWB Transmission (Up- and Down conversion of the UWB system (5GHz range) to 60 GHz transmission, with UWB MAC on board). Demonstrator       performance UWB/OFDM (500 MHz Channel) over 60 GHz Link and 16 dBi antennas, showing 480Mbit/s over 30 meters and about 50 Mbit/s over 150m.

Demonstrator performance UWB/OFDM (500MHz Channel) over 60 GHz Link and 16 dBi antennas, showing 480Mbit/s over 30 meters and about 50Mbit/s over 150m

Typical 60 GHz Demonstrator (Up- Down Converter) RF Front End with TES Antennas

3.    60 GHz Vital Sign Radar Demonstrator for heartbeat and breathing frequency detection

Vital Signs Radar Demonstrator in TES Laboratory (up to 2 meter distance operation with 16DBi Antenna) and potential application in the vehicle replacing pressure sensors in the seats, monitoring the health status of the driver as well as baby monitoring

Vital Signs Radar Demonstrator Screen Shot in TES Laboratory showing 88bpm (heart) and 16bpm (breathing). The signal processing of the Doppler 60 GHz Radar is TES IP.


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