The user is not a lower life form - Ken Becker

This first step in an HMI development will usually be an HMI analysis. Existing solutions and benchmark systems are analyzed by the TES expert teams using established tools and methods like the Cognitive Walkthrough. In a very foreseeable timeframe psychologists, HMI engineers, and graphic designers find major pros and cons of an existing system, a prototype or even a concept. Bugs are recognized and solutions are sketched.

To improve the quality of an HMI solution usability tests and studies are essential. With its highly experienced experts TES offers a wide variety of studies, like non-comparative studies, comparative studies, quick & dirty tests, benchmark studies, and cross cultural studies. For any of these studies we use our extensive participant data base to recruit the required sample. These persons are watched by our psychologists while using an HMI. Behavioral data is collected just as well as questionnaire and interview data.


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