GSE: Guiliani Stream Editor

The stream editor is a comprehensive tool for Artist, Interaction Designers and Developers to create, interact and develop intuitive user interface with ability to rapid prototype and deploy on embedded targets. The stream editor is built using Guiliani and supports all features that are integrated into Guiliani such as high portability supporting different OS like Windows, Linux and MAC OS X, support for multiple languages etc.

Stream Editor approaches UI development quite differently. The SDK includes the editor itself with WYSIWYG properties, a run-time environment to simulate the developed user interface, a resource generator for exporting the generated resources and the Guiliani C++ HMI for application and event binding.

Features of Guiliani Stream Editor

  • Drag & Drop Ability
  • Support for various widgets
  • Resource Manager to manage
    - Images
    - Sounds
    - Movies
  • Language files
  • Fonts
  • Built-in Animation support
  • Object hierarchy tree browser
  • Property editor for widgets
  • Project Management
  • Export Engine
  • Guiliani based runtime engine
  • Font support through Freetype
  • Interaction editor
    - Switch dialogs
    - Widget focus editor
    - Animation on events
  • Text layout core

The below illustration describes the workflow with Guiliani

The stream editor is a comprehensive tool for Artist, Interaction Designers and Developers to create
  1. Artist imports resources from PhotoBridge ( A free from TES tool to convert photoshop files ) , quick view
  2. Interaction designer stitches together event based application flow
  3. GSE’s resource generator creates XML & Resources files ( .h, .lang, .png, jpeg )
  4. Programmer can visualize the GUI interaction using these resources and Guiliani run-time
  5. The produced resources can be imported to a embedded target and visualized using a run-time port
  6. Developer programs the application logic and binds data to the GUI
  7. Resulting GUI on the target

PhotoBridge is a free tool provided by TES with the SDK to export resources and specification of GUI objects in XML. Some of the features of PhotoBridge are

  • Supports PSD formats upto CS4
  • Exports text as “real” text not as bitmaps, Bitmap option also available
  • Preserves transparency of GUI objects
  • Hierarchy based naming convention
  • Visualize object tree and properties
  • Edit object properties & associations
  • Ability to add multiple PSD files and create associations
  • Handles all layer properties
  • Support for font export

PhotoBridge is available for a free download from http://support.tes-dst.com

A video demonstration of the Guiliani Stream Editor.

For an evaluation version please visit the guiliani.de website. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it with subject GSE Eval


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  • For further information and eval kits visit the guiliani.de website.


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