Human Machine Interface (HMI)

TES offers complete Turn-Key HMI development where we develop everything from the first concept to the final product level HMI. That includes all conceptual work e.g. on the human factors aspects as well as the arts design, electronics, software and mechanics. Typically, such projects are performed in a very interactive way with our customer, in order that our customer’s corporate identity and technical requirements are met. We are happy to incorporate work packages that our customer wants to do in-house.
Our experts have many years of experience e.g. in Automotive applications, but we are also addressing markets like Industrial, Telematics, Aviation, Home Automation and White Goods.

If the user can’t use it, it doesn’t work – Susan Drey
Technology should add value to our lives. It should make things easier, faster, and more fun. The investment we make into things should bring us solutions that enhance our lives. Systems should not frighten or scare us, but please us with useful functions and ease of use.
The Human Machine Interface (HMI) is critical for the success of a technology or a product. Poor or inappropriate HMIs lead to a bad user experience, reduced safety and lower market success. Functionality, markets, user groups, use cases and context of use define the HMI solution fitting best for a specific product. The HMI is the connection between the user, its capabilities, wishes, expectations and the technology. Functions become available though the HMI, interactions between human and system become reality.
The creation of HMI solutions requires a complete process chain from analysis, human factors analysis, graphic design down to a tooling for implementation and testing.TES Electronic Solutions offers complete and integrated services to implement enhanced, high-end HMIs. With our capabilities in analysis, usability testing, creating style-guides or specifications and programming HMI software for our customers, we are our customers’ one stop shop for HMI solutions.

Form follows function - that has always been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union. - Frank Lloyd Wright
TES Electronic Solutions’ well established process chain from creative phases through specification and implementation into testing and delivery allows a customer and user focused HMI development. Seamless integration of psychological know-how, graphics design, technology and functionality allows a success driven process.
Our process allows the implementation of graphics into the programming tool with (almost) a single button press. During the implementation the graphics editor gives you the chance to extract running HMIs at any point in time. This offers the chance to conduct usability tests at an early stage during the development and to correct the direction of thinking. It stimulates discussions required to find the best possible solution. The PC based software and the final embedded target software being identical gives you the chance to detect bugs and inconsistencies at an early instant in the development cycle.

The user is not a lower life form - Ken Becker
Besides tooling and process know-how, TES offers you years of HMI experience for a broad range of customers and for almost any industry, e.g. automotive, avionics, or consumer domain. We know users, we know how to extract their needs and preferences, and how to turn this into technology. The HMI one stop shop at TES is your partner for the success of your products.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) Concepts

TES offers concept development for human factors optimized Human Machine Interfaces (HMI). Our expert HMI team has many years of experience in this area and can support your HMI development during all phases of the development cycle.

The TES HMI Concepts portfolio contains the following services:

  • Usability analysis of existing products
  • Benchmarks within a certain industry
  • External benchmark analysis
  • Development of HMI concept solutions
  • Usability testing
  • Field studies
  • Graphics creation and development
  • Product design, housing
  • Graphics handling and preparation for Tool integration
  • Writing specifications and style-guides

Don't make me think - Steve Krug
A product with a well designed HMI, with an exceptional usability, is easy to use. With its balance, internal and external consistency, learn-ability and simplicity, it exceeds the requirements and expectations of the user. Usability is created with a close analysis of requirements, markets, user groups, technologies, functions, and history.
With a team of experts, consisting of psychologists, engineers and graphics-/art- or product designers, a basic concept is set up. This runs through various rounds of validation before being prototyped and tested with users. Based on the gained knowledge the basic concept is scribbled in an early specification. While details are being added to the specifications and the implementation of the software and the construction of the hardware kicks off, results of usability studies define further details of the concept.
At the end of the process, the quality of an HMI solution is ensured by applying extensive tests. During the entire procedure regular workshops with customers and users are applied to keep a common focus on the project.
Result is the best possible HMI concepts by means of an optimized usability for the targeted user group, the expected use cases and the required functionality.

You can't get the experience of a good steak dinner through a nipple - you have to create a totally different, yet compelling experience. - Jon Meads
User experience describes, what is beyond usability. A positive user experience leads to a cool factor, a wow!-factor and an I-Want-To-Have-This behavior. Screen designs exceeding the expectations of users, innovative features easy to use and thrillingly packed, a unique product design combined with a high value brand name will lead to product success.
Our graphics and product design professionals deliver creative sparks based on our customers’ history, traditions and ideas. Various versions of screen designs are created, discussed and tested. In focused teams consisting of designers, psychologists, engineers and the customer, the final design is selected. With our graphics design team we roll out the graphics for implementation and write style guides for the HMI programming.

A designer knows that he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The graphics design team at TES has many years of experience in various domains. Our team members know how to work with the technological guys and how to interact with the usability group. Reducing graphics down to the most important features, while keeping a close look at the user experience is our daily job. Combining smooth information transfer with an appealing look, exceeding users’ expectations by creating high-end and high-value designs is the destination we travel to. We not just pick up latest trends, but set future trends!

If there's a 'trick' to it, the UI is broken. - Douglas Anderson


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