TES has comprehensive experience in developing customized board level hardware solutions in a wide range of application areas:

  • RF Hardware design for wireless systems and sub-systems for the following standards / technologies and associated frequency bands: DECT, WLAN, Bluetooth, ISM, UWB, WiMAX, GPS, GSM/GPRS, 60 GHz
  • High Speed Digital Processing & Transmission (up to 25 Gbit/s)
  • High Speed Multi Channel Data Acquisition and Processing (up to 2GS/Channel)
  • Digital Signal Processing with DSPs & FPGAs
  • Hardware / software / FPGA implementation of DSP algorithms e.g. codecs, baseband processing etc.
  • RF & Microwave Passive and Active (up to 76 GHz, up to 100W)
  • Battery & Power Management Solutions (Li-Ion) including Chargers


  • RF circuit optimisation, solving EMC issues
  • Antenna design & optimization
  • Solving signal integrity problems


  • Telecommunication
  • High end consumer electronics
  • Professional multi-media
  • Home automation & metering
  • Automotive
  • Industrial, test & measurement
  • Medical
  • Power electronics



Labs & equipment

  • State of the art hardware development labs
  • High end tool chain for circuit design, RF & Microwave, PCB design, logic analysis, signal integrity, EMC

Hardware development staff

  • Highly skilled and motivated hardware engineers (>100)
  • Experience in RF, Analog and Digital high speed circuitry and power

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