Component Library Services

TES is offering a complete component library solution for schematics and layout designers using Cadence flow:

  • Schematic Symbols for Cadence Concept HDL
  • PCB Layout footprint for Cadence Allegro compatible to Standard IPC-7351
  • 3D Model of PCB components for a compatibility check with mechanical design
  • Compatible with Cadence versions 15.x and 16.x
  • The Library database with 6000 components and enriched regularly by new components
  • Symbol and Footprint linked together to reduce risk of mismatch
  • Component library database which has been widely used for volume product manufacturing for the past 7 years


We offer 3 different services for the component library

1. Component Library Subscription
2. Component Library Subscription Renewal
3. Components Request

1. Component Library Subscription: Component Library Subscription provides the users the capability to duplicate the component library database for an unlimited usage. The access for duplication is granted through FTP for one year. On subscription, the user will get the following functionalities

  • A Web Interface to search for specific components in the Database
  • FTP access to download components from the Library

2. Component Library Subscription Renewal: The Component Library Subscription - RENEWAL provides the users (After one initial subscription of one year) the access to the updated database for a new duplication. The access for duplication is granted through FTP for one year. This offer is valid only for existing Component Library Subscriber.

3. Components request: In addition to Component Library Database, TES offers a Web Interface which can be used to raise components request. The component will be created based on the user specification and will be delivered by E-Mail within 4 working days.

Webstore : http://webstore.tes-dst.com/

If you have any questions or requests, please contact us.

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Cadence versions 15.x and 16.x

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