D/AVE HD is an evolution in the D/AVE family to support high quality 2D rendering for displays up to 2K x 2K.

D/AVE HD is an evolution in the D/AVE family supporting high quality 2D rendering and basic 3D rendering for displays up to 4K x 4K. Targeting modern graphics applications on high resolution displays in the Industrial, Medical, Military, Avionics, Automotive and Consumer markets, D/AVE HD is designed to be fast with powerful functionality and at the same time optimized regarding size and footprint.

D/AVE HD is available for both FPGA and ASIC integration with high customizability as well as scalability and a peak performance between 1 and 16 pixels per clock cycle. D/AVE HD offers several enhancements over the previous D/AVE 2D version as related to various blit operations, cache enhancements, texture pre-fetch, power management and system functionality.

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Product Highlights

  • Full Khronos compliant OpenVG 1.1 API (optional)
  • High-performance pixel pipeline (typically 4 times faster than D/AVE 2D, up to 20 times for particular use cases)
  • Advanced Graphics Features:
    • Basic 3D graphics operations
    • Rotation Engine
    • Composition Engine
    • Transformation & Warping Support
  • Optimized Power Management Support
  • Hardware multi-threading support
  • Hardware system security support


D/AVE HD is provided with the following APIs. The drivers are reentrant and OS agnostic.

  • Optionally:
    • D/AVE 2D Wrapper API
    • OpenVG 1.1
    • EGL 1.3
    • OpenGL-ES 1.1 (subset)
  • Others are possible on request

Example Screenshots

Contents of D/AVE HD EvalKit

  • D/AVE HD Qsys component, run-time limited
  • Precompiled FPGA configurations (.sof files) for Altera and Terasic development kits
  • Precompiled demo applications for development kits
  • Example Quartus II projects for hardware integration of D/AVE HD
  • Example Nios II SBT projects for software integration of D/AVE HD
  • D/AVE HD API documentation
  • Demo source code for showing usage of D/AVE HD API
  • Nios II libraries of D/AVE HD kernel mode driver
  • Nios II sources of D/AVE HD user mode driver
  • Windows software emulation of D/AVE HD (SoftD/AVE HD)

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