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The customizable tablet platform “WINDSPIN” is targetting applications where life style consumer products are prohibitive. If you have your own product, you are in full control of the life cycle, the branding, the enclosure design and the software applications that are developed especially for your dedicated use case.
TES is acting as a full service provider and ODM. Based on the existing platform “WINDSPIN”, TES offers a complete ODM-service including customisation , life-cycle- and obsolesence-management  and unit delivery in the desired quantities. The platform portfolio is extended continuously.

Linux and Android 4.0 are available, Windows Embedded Compact 7  is in preparation, other OS on request.

The customer has full flexibility choosing features, including mechanical enclosure and TES is the consulting partner to select the appropriate platform and bundling customer requirements in order to generate an attractive business case for the customer.

In your specific use case, a consumer product may be mechanically less suitable, may have licensing or certification requirements which are inappropriate, may easily be stolen as it is a must-have gadget for many users. And you will have to pay a high premium for the brand. If you have us customize the tablet  according to your needs you won’t have these issues.

“WINDSPIN” is highly portable, lightweight, power efficient and comes with a state-of-the art smooth action 7” capacitive multi-touch LCD, that enables HMIs that are non less attractive than the ones of the most wanted life-style tablets in the market.
As operating sytem you can chose from Android with a customized Android HMI or – alternatively Linux with the TES Guiliani GUI framework. For other options, please contact us.

Application examples are

  • Control panel for special purpose vehicles
  • Control panel for industrial machinery (e.g. wireless)
  • Multi-Media museum / exhibition guides
  • Home automation control
  • Portable surveillance tablet
  • Remote control for professional audio or video applications (wireless)
  • Rear seat entertainment
  • Entertainment in vehicles e.g. mobile homes, yachts
  • Entertainment in transportation, e.g. busses, trains etc.

Display size and resolution are scalable and adaptable to the use case.

Download WINDSPIN data sheet


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