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Using the new SMARC standard for embedded modules, TES offers a series of ultra-low power ARM COMs (Computer-On-Module) based on the Freescale TM i.MX6 Family which is powered by ARM Cortex A9 CPUs. TES leverages its vast experience of product development in the area of embedded multimedia systems for professional applications and systems combining audio/video, graphics and HMI.

Target applications for MAGIK-2 ARM COMs are e.g. HMI units for machines and vehicles, Surround-View systems, Industrial Tablets, Surveillance Recording Systems, High End Home Appliances and Multimedia/ Infotainment applications in avionics or transportation environment.

The modules come with a complete software suite, including Device Drivers, BSP and support for various OS and selectable application specific HMI libraries.

TES delivers application specific carrier boards along with reference software for related system solutions in the area of 3D-surround-view, video surveillance and HMI units like tablets or similar.

Download MAGIK–2 SMARC- i.MX 6 COM data sheet


SDK / BSP Software Packages:

Linux SDK – Download Data Sheet here
Windows Embedded Compact 2007 / 2013 SDK – Download Data Sheet here


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