TES Electronics Solutions GmbH offers turnkey Analog, RF and Mixed Signal ASIC Design services.
We have many years of experience providing ASIC design solutions. Our particular ASIC specialities lie in the areas of Analog, RF, and Mixed Signal ASIC design. We support many of the leading multi-national semiconductor manufacturers with ASIC design and device development.

In addition, we directly support many customers throughout the industry with ASIC design solutions for a wide variety of applications. Applications that invariably require Embedded Microprocessing, in addition to Analog RF and Mixed Signal ASIC functionality.

Applications for which we have developed Mixed Signal ASIC designs solutions include automotive, avionics & space, as well as industrial and consumer products. More often these applications  mean the ASIC design has to meet very tight performance, power consumption, size, and cost requirements.

TES Electronics Solutions  is able to offer "configurable" ASIC platforms that make mixed signal ASIC designs much more attractive by significantly reducing the NRE cost; the risk; and the time to market.
With over 80 ASIC design engineers in our design centres located across central Europe, we can provide dedicated ASIC design support close to our customers to ensure the successful development of their design.


TES Electronic Solutions Analog, RF and Mixed Signal ASIC Design Centre locations.


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