Configurable ASIC Design Platforms

Custom ASIC designed devices offer many advantages: the device is tailored specifically to the needs of the application providing precisely the right functions and performance levels  that the application requires.

There is however inevitably risk associated with a custom ASIC design & development. Furthermore it can take time to develop and so time to market for the product can be adversely affected. Lastly there are engineering (NRE) costs associated with custom ASIC designs, development and manufacture (mask set development etc).

At TES we have developed a configurable ASIC platform that addresses these concerns.  Essentially the platform is a semi-customisable ASIC device comprising many predetermined verified and laid –out functions:

  • Embedded Microcontroller
  • ADC
  • Power Management
  • Serial ports
  • etc

Additionally there are two blocks of user configurable functionality:

  • Digital  Block    up to 50k GATEs
  • Analog Block    op amps, comparators vref … DAC. etc

These blocks are mask-level configured and allow the customer to customise an otherwise standard ASIC device to suit their application. Since most of the ASIC has been pre-designed, pre-laid out, & pre-tested the NRE costs, risk & time to market are all are greatly reduced compared to a traditional ASIC design.

Configurable Mixed Signal ASIC Design Block diagram

For more information on TES Configurable ASIC Design Platfoms : Download


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