ASIC Design Library & IP

To support your ASIC design, we at TES have a comprehensive set of available IP functions, which are being added to continuously.  This means we can support your ASIC design with a complete set of building blocks necessary to implement the functionality your ASIC requires.

Some examples include :

Digital ASIC IP Examples

  • 2D & 3D Graphic Accelerator Coprocessor (D/AVE IPs)
  • Graphics Display Controller
  • Wimedia MAC
  • Audio / Video Decoder / Encoder (MPEG,JPEG,AAC)
  • Standard peripherals & Interfaces (I2C, SPI, JTAG, UART……)

Analog ASIC IP Examples

  • CAN Controller, LIN Transceiver
  • ADC, DAC Converters, Regulators Switch mode converters
  • Voltage & Current References
  • 60 GHz Components (VCO, LNA, PA, Mixer,…)
  • Frequency Synthesizers up to 20GHz.

Additionally we can support the integration of 3rd party sourced ASIC Design  ip functions e.g.

ARM core,  8051,  other CPU cores & DSP Functionality….

We can also include into the ASIC design, functionality that a customer chooses to develop themselves.

For a complete list of available ASIC design IP Blocks and available library functions please contact us.


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